Student testimonials

More profound learning through Work & Study

Taneli Tuominen, 21, combines his work in the insurance company LähiTapiola with his business studies in Haaga-Helia. Despite his young age, Taneli has already been working for four years after first achieving a vocational upper secondary business qualification.

His difficulties to combine a full-time job with his studies prompted Taneli to go and see the guidance counsellor, who recommended the Work & Study model. The model helped Taneli combine his evening study with his day-to-day job.

According to Taneli, studies carried out within the Work & Study model boost skills. “Combining my studies with my work, brought self-improvement into work almost by itself,” Taneli says.

Tiina beat time management problems with Work & Study

24-year-old Tiina Neuvonen studies hospitality management in Haaga-Helia. Tiina turned to Work & Study after trying to find the best way to combine her full-time job with her studies.

Tiina believes that working in your own field supports studies. “Work provides you with practical experience and introduces you to the newest trends, whilst school offers you a theoretical basis.”

Tiina thinks that Work & Study is a fantastic opportunity to combine studies and work. The process has been interesting and educational, but at times challenging from time management point of view.