For a student

You can complete both compulsory and elective studies through work-based learning, if your work tasks support your degree’s learning goals. Besides paid job Work & Study can be done when working as an entrepreneur, as a volunteer or as a hobby.

The Work & Study process starts by familiarizing yourself with the intended learning outcomes of your degree programme. Compare them with the duties and responsibilities of your work, and if they are compatible, pursue by preparing a Work&Study plan in MyNet (Study Instructions > Work & Study). After filling the form, your Work & Study coach will contact you and together you will agree on contents, schedule, demonstration methods and theory basis. You should also contact your workplace and inform them about Work & Study. It would be beneficial to get some support and feedback from your workplace contact person during the process.

If you have something to ask about the Work & Study process or your own situation, please contact your own study advisor.