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What is Work & Study?

The aim of Haaga-Helia’s Work & Study model is to facilitate managed transition from studies into the world of employment as well as offering work-based training options.

In the Work & Study model, working and studying complement one another. Students can, for example, study normally for a year or two and then take advantage of the model and comfortably transition into work life.

Certain partners participate in the model launched in November 2016 and recruit students into their company and for the Work & Study programme. The company tells what kinds of employees they are looking for and teachers know to direct the suitable candidates to the partner. Thus, Haaga-Helia’s teachers and guidance counsellors know how the students are doing.

For the students, the model provides an opportunity to get work in the right field, earn money and incur study points.

Student testimonials

More profound learning through Work & Study

Taneli Tuominen, 21, combines his work in the insurance company LähiTapiola with his business studies in Haaga-Helia. Despite his young age, Taneli has already been working for four years after first achieving a vocational upper secondary business qualification.

His difficulties to combine a full-time job with his studies prompted Taneli to go and see the guidance counsellor, who recommended the Work & Study model. The model helped Taneli combine his evening study with his day-to-day job.

According to Taneli, studies carried out within the Work & Study model boost skills. “Combining my studies with my work, brought self-improvement into work almost by itself,” Taneli says.

Tiina beat time management problems with Work & Study

24-year-old Tiina Neuvonen studies hospitality management in Haaga-Helia. Tiina turned to Work & Study after trying to find the best way to combine her full-time job with her studies.

Tiina believes that working in your own field supports studies. “Work provides you with practical experience and introduces you to the newest trends, whilst school offers you a theoretical basis.”

Tiina thinks that Work & Study is a fantastic opportunity to combine studies and work. The process has been interesting and educational, but at times challenging from time management point of view.

Cooperation company

YIT Studies BBA programme launched in autumn 2017

The YIT Studies BBA programme was launched on Thursday 16 November 2017 at the construction company YIT’s headquarters; it is a follow-up for the YIT Studies programme. The opportunity for Haaga-Helia and Metropolia students to combine studies with work was launched with YIT for the first time.

14 business and information technology BBA students have been selected for the programme; two of them study in Metropolia and the rest in Haaga-Helia. BBA students have many strengths which are useful at the work place: these include IT competence, language and communication skills and economic understanding.
One of the students starting in the programme is Sofia Andersin studying in the management assistant and languages degree programme, and her work-based training will take place in the Tripla site. “I am looking forward to new challenges and being able to apply my learning in practical work,” she says.

Sari Hagelberg, coordinating the programme at YIT, is equally excited about the programme. “We are looking for a boost from gaining different kinds of skills. The students, on the other had, get to experience how their education can be applied in practice. We hope to have a win-win situation in which both parties benefit.


Are you interested?

You can complete both compulsory and elective studies through work-based learning, if your work tasks support your degree’s learning goals. The Work&Study process starts by familiarizing yourself with the intended learning outcomes of your degree programme. Compare them with the duties and responsibilities of your work, and if they are compatible, pursue by preparing a Work&Study plan. Contact your academic advisor or directly the teacher responsible for a study module, following your unit’s instructions. Devise a plan together with your advisor/teacher: in the plan you will agree on contents, schedule, demonstration methods and theory basis. Agree about process assessment or feedback discussion with your workplace contact person.



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